Monday, May 4, 2009

Bryant Coat Of Arms

Thomas Bryant granted Bryant coat of arms by the English govt. in 1634. The American flag decorations indicated the coat of arms is for the American Bryants. Badge of the Daughters of the Revolution is used because Mrs Nan Bryant Foster is a descendent of John Bryant-Revolutionary War Soldier. Badge of the Grand River Army Republic used because her father was a Union soldier in the Civil War. Star, crescent, moon, and chevron belong to all Bryants as honorary momentoes of Great achievements in the Crusade Wars (etc.)

Some Background
Bryants held high positions in armies of William the Conqueror. They were prominent in the Wars of France, defense of their churchbrethren, under King Henry II of France, and that is why the lion and the fluer de lip is in their coat of arms. None were entitled to the crest except the family of King Henry II, descendents of his families, and those who rec'd highest honors for greet deeds of honor in King Henry's army (etc.)
After the American Revolution, Bryants went west and crossed the Alleganies and stopped a long time at the old stone fort up the Mongahela River, above Pittsburg, where with 300 others they built family flat boats and floated down the Ohio River. In Kentucky they stopped at Byrant's Fort which they often had to defend against Indian attacks.
After living in Kentucky for a long time, the Bryants moved to Indiana, where they owned farms. In 1855 they moved to Missouri and Jonathan M. Bryant to Harrison County.

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