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How I Got The Job

How I got the job | Koren Dailey, 23
The job: Assistant manager.

The employer: Walgreens in Oak Grove is one of about 60 of the chain’s drugstores in the Kansas City area.

My role: I supervise, train and hire employees. I keep track of the store safe and make sure it balances at the beginning or end of the day, depending on what time I am there. I handle customer questions and complaints, including returns and exchanges. I work with various vendors. I help to keep merchandise stocked and displayed correctly. It’s a basic retail position.

How long have you been in this position?

Since May 2008.

How did you find your job?

I signed up for an interview during a career fair last spring at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph. One of the store managers from a St. Joseph Walgreens had a sign-up sheet for interviews. I was asked to come in for an interview with him a few days later. Several days after that, I went for a second interview, with a Walgreens store manager at a different St. Joseph location. My third interview was with the district manager in Fairway. She called a few days later and offered me the job.

What helped the most in the job search?

I had more luck at career fairs when I engaged the company representatives in conversation and found out if they had hiring power or not. If they like you but have no say in hiring, it’s pretty well pointless. I also found that no matter what your credentials are, if the company rep seems to be rude/condescending toward you or won’t give you additional information about the job, then don’t bother.

Did you reach a low point in this process?

Not really. I found my job before graduation and had another offer that I declined.

What is your best advice for others in the job search?

Job fairs are a great way to go, but also keep asking around for available jobs. Some great jobs don’t get advertised, so you have to know someone to get a foot in the door. Also, if you’re on a college campus, take advantage of the university career center. It can help with the resume and even advise you on what to wear to interviews and job fairs.

What is your educational background?

I have a bachelor’s degree in personnel psychology from Missouri Western State University (May 2008).

Is there anything else you would like to share related to the job search?

It is no fun trying to find a job, especially now, but if you keep looking and asking around, you can end up finding some interesting jobs. Keep meeting people at companies who can help you. You never know where you’ll meet someone. I was introduced to a human resources representative at my fiance’s company Christmas party last year.

How does this job fit into your long-term career plans?

This has been a good opportunity; a good place to get experience. However, my employer is currently freezing promotion opportunities, and the weird hours aren’t conducive to making any plans, or, in the future, to having kids.

| Sue Dye Babson, special to The Star

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