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James G. Bryant

James G. Bryant born Feb 19 1829 died Aug 1 1870 41y5m11d Antioch Cemetery, married Mary L. Butcher (died June 29 1906 77y11m23d buried Antioch)

p. 298 "In March 1871 J.G. Bryant of White Oak Township, was killed by the falling of a tree."
they had 11 children, but only 3 lived to maturity. (this poor couple...)
1.Joe A. Bryant Feb 18 1854-Jan 8 1877 22y11m10d married Sarah J. Lewis Jan 7 1877
(found the marriage in HARRISON COUNTY MARRIAGE RECORDS A-DD 1845-1880
2.Jonathan D. Bryant born Jan 24 1858, married __________________ Oct 24 1878...didn't find in Harrison County Marriage Records...
3.Melissa Bryant born Sept 30 1862 married William Howery Sept 10 1886

Howery William W. born March 1857VA age 43 married 14y 'farmer'
Melissa J. wife born Sept 1862 Indiana age 37 7 living children
William D. son born Aug 1891 Mo age 8
James E. son born Dec 1887 Moi age 12 'farm labor'
Joe A. son born Aug 1893 MO age 4
Sarah E. daughter born Jan 1896 MO age 2
Carrie M. daughter born Dec 1897 age 2y
David E. son born Oct 1898 age 7 month
Bryant, Mary L. mother-in-law born July 1828 Indiana 12 children, 3 living
age 72 'widowed'

found these 2 children in Meriam Cemetery, Bethany, MO could these be J.G.'s children?
Alexander H. Bryant 1857-1858
Mary L. Bryant 1867-1869

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jalex4954 said...

Regarding the two children you asked question about at the end of your post:

Alexander H. Bryant was the son of Stephen C. Bryant and Jane Hancock Bryant, also buried in Miriam Cemetery, same location.

Mary L. Bryant was the daughter of Joseph Francis Bryant and Rhoda Jane Manus Bryant, also buried in same location.