Monday, May 18, 2009

Junior Ross Shafer

son of Ross & Amanda
born 19March1924 died 8MArch1972 married the infamous "Aunt Kate" Katherine Darlene Teas who was born 1Jan1927.
-George Ross "Butch" born Jan1945 married July Miller 1964 divorced.
1.George Ross, Jr. "Butchy" bonr 21 June 1964(5)
2.Brian Keith born 28Oct1965(or 3Aug1966)
"Butch" married Evelyn Overton 1969,she had a child by previous marriage, James, who was born 25May1967. Butch &Evelyn divorced 1978. their children were
1.Michelle Lynn "Sissy" born 15Aug1969
2.FLoyd Ross born 8Aug1970 "Fonzie"
3.George Ross born 31Aug1971 "Huey"
4.Jerry Roy Lee born 4Dec1972
5.David Earl born 3Jan1975
Butch married Doris for 2 months, no children
Butch married Carolynn for 30 days, no children
Butch married Judy 1982-6 no children
Butch married Nancy, lasted three & a half months.
-James Lee "Jimmy" born 15Dec1947 married Marcia Ann Olson children by previous marriage are John James born 15(19)MArch1957 & Ronald Clark born 25Dec1959
Jimmy & Marcia had James Lee Jr "Jimbo" born Aug5 1965; Dawn Marie born 3Sept1968(9); & Linda Leanna deceased age one.

Aunt Dona wrote that James Lee Shafer married 9Aug1990 in South Dakota to Cheri. Don't know if she was referring to James Sr or James JR.

William Ray "Bill" born 28Sept1949 married Susan Lowe born 22Oct1949 died early 1980s, no children. his second wife was Becky born 28June 1947 on & 7June1986.

Stephen Craig born 23MArch1954 married PEggy Sue born 12March1958
children are Stephen Craig Jr. "Stevie" born 1Dec1974 & Robert Ross "Robbie" born 19May1977. "they weren't married until after Stevie was born but I can't remember the date, 1975 I think..." Aunt Dona Shafer.

Karen Kay born 23Sept1955 married Frank Howard Ragan born 2Nov1955 on 7Dec1974.
-Frank Howard Jr "Frankie" stillborn 23Feb1975
-Heather & Gerald are children listed in Dollie Gray's history but not in Dona Shafers...
-Kimberly Marie Ragan born 5May1976
-Michael Leroy Ragan born 29July1982
-Tony Eugene Ragan born 21Nov1984
Karen divorced Frank. and married David Lloyd Andrew (born 12May1955) on 3Jan1986

Gerald Wayne Shafer born 28Jan1956 never married, "Gary" birth year also given as 1967

Cindy Lynn Shafer born 5March1964 was married to Tim Pearson and Rodger Gullian but divorced both, all three children born out of wedlock.
-Joshua Edward Shafer born 4Feb1981
-Jennifer Nicole Shafer born 15Jan1983
-Melinda Sue Shafer born 13Dec1985

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