Thursday, May 7, 2009

letter from aunt mary

she sent a picture of Jannette Masters. I'm having scanner problems, will get the picture on later (hopefully...)

"In Mom's diary she mentions family going to see Aunt Dell, who was ill. I think she mentions Aunt Dell dying. I thought the Aunt Dell she was referring to was her Uncle Jake Oxford's wife. She wrote that Punk & Opal Oxford had been there, too. I can't recall Punk's given name, he is buried at Zoar Cemetery, Cainsville, MO. He is Jake & Dell's son. Aunt Alma (Oxford) Axson married Gilbert Boyd was their daughter. {deb is confused here...} I remember Mom hearing Mom say, "Aunt Dell Oxford" but never a Dell Shafer.

My writing teacher told me that if someone had been in prison, penal records can be checked. Perhaps someone has already done this. It needs to be done to be factual (Rather than rumor) if true.

Virgina found out a few years ago that a Boyd was the first person to be hanged in Cass Co., MO.

Eva (Shafer) Mathes lived with her paternal grandparents George A. & Rosa Shafer from around age 5 to age 11. There were rumors of molestation by a family member in the home & threats against Eva if she talked, but a kind teacher could see Eva was troubled & got Eva to talk, the teacher went to Eva's mother Edna, Edna brought Eva home with her. Eva's son said she went to the molesters' gravesite as an adult, prayed, & finally found peace.

Darla's daughter Trisha is expecting, due early December. Her oldest turned 6 in March.

Aunt Josie Shafer Johnson married a McGinty & they had children.

Catherine Ann "Cathy" Avril Stephens husband died, per a letter from Aunt Mickey...."

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