Thursday, May 7, 2009

a letter from Josie Johnson to Manda Shafer 1923(8)

this cursive letter is written on small lined tablet paper in pencil. very hard to read, as the words are faded. I'll try to transcribe with original spelling, puncuation, & capitalization as best as I can...any mistakes of course belonging to me. here goes.

Moore, Okla.
May 27. 1923.

My Dear Niece, and (can't read). I will answer your most welcome letter receivied a short time ago.
I was glad to hear you was all well. We are well and having lots of work to do. We have been (can't read) here and crops are getting awful weedy. it is warm today. it is the hottest day we have had this spring. we have lots of new potatoes and peas.
My son, Kid and the children came over and made us a little visit last week. they staid 4 days. wehad a very nice time but it was a little sad too. they was on thir way to Idahoe. don't know when I will ever see them again. they went through in a car. Well Manda you asked what I was doing. just anything that comes handy. Lou works in the field quite a bit so I work around the house and run with the chickens. Roy has in a big crop and it rained so much that he is behind with his crop so Lou is trying to help him catch up. we had some pictures taken when the kids was here but we had to send them off to have them finished up. it will be some time before we get them, but how is all the rest of the folks getting along? how are Boyds folks? she didn't answer my letter. say I sure would like to see Ralph in overalls and that little Pauline trying to walk. I guess Ross is farming some. tell all the folks Hello fro me. I wish I could see you all. but I can't unless you come down to Iklahoma some time. I don't want any more of that cold country upthere. Well Manda dont work to hard this summer. take good care of your selves and them 2 sweet little kids. I will close. Write soon. and tell me all the news. love to Manda Ross and the kids. from your aunt Josie Johnson.

{deb note: the year at top of letter could be 1928. at the bottom of the letter in ink, and different handwriting is "George Shafers sister"}

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tallulah jane said...

in the picture...the background is a nine patch quilt Kevin's grandma Marie Dailey Hass made for our youngest daughter Katie Scarlett Dailey. the letter I have transcribed is pictured. photos left to right: Jannette Masters, Amanda Craig Shafer (my great grandmother), & a young postcard picture of Amanda Craig Shafer with "May from Mama" & "May Craig" written on the back.