Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Katie & I have made many cemetery visits over our years together, recording/transcribing/photographing family graves & decorating graves for Memorial Day. traditionally we do mostly the babies/youth of our family, but have also added in some others. This year we didn't make it to Brimson to decorate...I make excuses...I was on vacation all last week & didn't get the dance flyers put up either, (Katie & KJ will tomorrow.)...I was painting & sewing & going to meetings & the Festival of Dance @ Worlds of Fun, + I have a cold...then back to rained today, but I was too tired to go, anyway. does this mean I don't care about the family members who have lived & died before me? that I have no respect? I like to think the reason i record & try to remember is to honor their memories. Getting wrapped up in my own life is no excuse. especially when we have premade bouquets from years past & cemetery lists to make it even easier. and I find it so beautiful & peaceful at the cemetery. but this is just a place to put symbols. I feel bad about not going. I feel like I should make every effort. will they forgive me?
got an email from kevin's grandma, she is 89, cuts fresh flowers & decorates many many graves in many different cemeteries. I admire that. I will try harder to get more done with the time I have. I can't let Farm Town take over my life!

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