Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Potwin, continued...

church records death/marriage
p.125 Elmer Hall & Sallie Maxwell (died 1930) maried Nov 28 1885 Kinney Residence, Rev JW Kinney
p.127 James Edwin Smith died Dec 2 1956 & Della Moss died July 1939
married Dec 4 1898 Moss home, Potwin KS, Rev. B.H. Hobbs
p.128 James Hugh Higdon died April 22 1943 & Nellie Holmes died Dec 26 1948
married March 4 1900 Glasscock Home, Gallatin, MO
p.130 James Wesley Orton died Oct 7 1953 & Emily Phyllis Higdon died Dec 28 1962 married Feb 14 1903 Higdon Home, Bethany, MO by Rev.J.H. Stark
p.142 Harold Frerking married Mary A Higdon May 26 1926 at the Higdon Home, Whitewater, KS, Rev. JH Higdon
p.135 Arthur Milton McLain married HAzel Maxwell (died Jan 12 1919) Oct 29 1914 Brides Home, Rev JH Higdon
p.136 Will Lewis married Vera Maxwell Jan 10 1917 in a double ceremony with her sister Vida Maxwell & Ray I Moore at the Maxwell Home, Rev JH Higdon
p.138 John Wene married Fern Maxwell (died 1925) June 21 1919 Maxwell home, Rev JH Higdon
p.142 Hobart Higdon died Dec 18 1959 married Stella Shannon Feb 14 1927 Presb. Church, Chaney, KS Rev Ed. Murray Clark
p.144 Jess Hill married Carrie Higdon (died Dec 22 1966) May 4 1930 Higdon Home, Potwin, KS, Rev JH Higdon
p.145 Francis R.Orton married Bernice Cousins (died July 21 1962) June 25 1933 Augusta KS Rev JH Higdon
p.145 Philip Higdon married Maggie Doyle June 1 1933 Doyle Home, Douglas, Methodist minister

during my reading I compiled these statistics:
according to the Church Records in this book, Rev JH Higdon performed 46 weddings between 1912-1942, 9 of these were at his home, the locations were Whitewater, Potwin, El Dorado, Burns, Towanda, Augusta, & Brainerd Kansas, many at the home of the bride or groom.

p.149 Hobart Orton married Hazel Buffum Nov 2 1939 Frank Orton Residence, Rev JH Higdon
p.156 Doyle Arthur Higdon died Aug 13 1954
Courtney Oldham & Norma Jean Orton married Dec 181954 University Methodist, Wichita, KS by Rev Loyal Mills
p.157Jimmie Gene Ratts married Martha Jane Orton May 4 1956 Frank Orton Home, Rev. Clinton Thomas
p.158 Bennie L Yount married Karen Jane Smith Aug 23 1959 Bivins Chapel, Phillips University, Enid, OK Rev. LeRoy Hay
p.160 John Francis Orton married Martha Jane Templeton May 28 1964 Potwin Christian Church by Rev. Ernest Leierer

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