Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marie Dailey Hass 90th birthday/family reunion

Jo & Lije had been planning this for awhile, Jo had cooked & baked & cooked & baked. Marie selected quilts to display & made one to raffle off with the proceeds going to the Mercer Methodist church. Family came from near and far...some I knew, some I didn't. The church annex was packed. It was drizzly outside, and loud inside.
there was a display of old family pictures, genealogists sharing info and collecting emails & anniversaries & birthdays...
Craig & Kim and Karla & Mike came from California; Katie & her family from Utah; Janet & Sam from Florida. not sure where Lacey Jaye & Jessica live, but there were there. Our little Dailey 5 made it, plus Cody.
Aunt Mae Jane is one of my favorites.
Frank won the quilt. They made $250 from the raffle.
there was tons of food, and tons of leftovers. sandwiches, salads, veggies, fruits, deserts, pies, cookies....
Marie talked about her parents Virgil & Jessie Shroyer; Mae Jane talked about her parents Fred & Mae; and Gordon Sieffert talked about the info he'd found on the Shroyer family.
there was a 'new' member....a granddaughter of Aunt Alta who had recently found Lije & Marie in an internet search. she was wearing a pair of gold victorian dangling earrings that had belonged (I think!) to Phoeba Ella Doze Dailey. They were someone's old earrings, anyway....Cynthia lives in Tennessee & has a herb farm.

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