Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shroyer Pedigree

for the Shroyer Pedigree, leave a comment on my blog & I'll email it to you. it is lengthy, I will eventually get it on here. It was very very very nice of Gordon Seyffert to send this to me....I do admit I am more interested in my own genealogy, but my kids are Dailey's, & I try to record all the history that created them.
putting this kind of info on a blog makes it more accessible to the people who would get some good from it....Gordon found my blog on a google search.

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Marilyn Rexilius said...

I am related to the Schreyer's and the Marker's.
Mathias Marker married Anna Catherina Schreyer daughter of Christian and Elisebethe Kroff in Cordus Mannheim Twp. 27 Jun 1837 and lived in Digges Choice. Mathias and Catherine were both fromFriedelsheim Pfalz. Mathias arriving in 1734 on the St. Andrew Mathias died
1756 in the area of Germany twp Littlestown and left 6 minor children.
I gained information from what I just read. Thanks