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looking for other Schroyers....

Subject: ?

Look for other Schroyers
Between You and David A. Schroyer
David A. Schroyer September 21 at 1:51pm Report
Hello Koren,
I'm sorry to go through you to locate your Mother, but I saw your name on facebook, and hope you can pass on information, anyway, I am trying to find information on
Johannes Scheyer
Birth: 1738
Death: 1814
Wife: unknown
Heinrich Henry Schroyer

I read some of the information your Mother has written about the Shroyer Family, I am hoping she has more information she can pass on, can you have her contact me at dave17403@yahoo.com
Here is some of the information I have if you can pass it on to her. My goal is to find out more about Johannes Scheyer.
Thank you for your time and effort.

1...Johannes Scheyer
Birth: 1738
Death: 1814
Wife: unknown
Heinrich Henry Schroyer

Married Febuary 28, 1764 ? Not sure of this
Wife: Catharina Zuberer ? Not sure of this
Evangelisch, Kandern, Loerrach, Baden, Germany ?

2...Heinrich Henry Schroyer Birth: 1768, Death: ?
Wife: Mary Magdalena Ludy Birth: 1770, Death: ?
Wife's Father: Johann Nicklaus Ludi born: 1735 in Thalerchwesler Germany
Wife's Mother: Anna Elaizabeth Gross born: 29 APR 1737 in Hiltersburg, Germany
Married September 21, 1790


Peter Shroyer Birth: 1799, Death: January 2, 1889
Wife: Sarah Hannah Dusing Birth: 1810, Death: March 10 1860
Catherina Shroyer Birth: December 28, 1797, Death: ?
Elizabeth Shroyer Birth: Febuary 12, 1796 Maryland, Death: ?
Husband: John Portner
Susan Dusing Shroyer Birth: 1793 Maryland, Death: August 6, 1881
Husband: John Henry Kuhn
Magdalena Shroyer Birth April 16, 1791, Death: ?
Julia Ann Schroyer Birth: 1807 Maryland, Death: 1880
Husband: Jacob Kuhn
John Shroyer Birth: March 26, 1801 Frederick Maryland, Death: March 22, 1866
Wife: Sarah Sally Werternbaker
Malinda Catherina Shroyer Birth: November 12, 1812, Death: 1889
Husband: Thomas Worley

3...John Schroyer
Birth: May 26, 1801
Death: March 22, 1866
Married August 31, 1825
Wife: Sarah Sally Wertenbaker
Birth: September 27, 1804
Death: September 7, 1861


Jacob Shroyer
Elizabeth Shroyer
Caroline Shroyer Birth: 1826
Lawson Shroyer Birth: April 9, 1831
Sarah Shroyer Birth: 1834

Lewis W. Schroyer Birth: AUG 1836 in Catoctin, Frederick Co. Maryland

Susan E. Shroyer Birth: 1840
Catherine Shroyer Birth: 1842

4...Lawson Schroyer
Born: April 9, 1831
Cataction, Frederick, Maryland
Died: April 17, 1886
Buried Lutheran Cemetery, Wolfsville, Frederick County, Maryland

Wife: Willamina [WITMER]
Born: March 17, 1834
Died: November 11, 1915
Father: George Witmer
Mother: Ann M. Gilpin

Ida Ursula Schroyer, died 10 Sep. 1863, age 1 year, 0 months, 2 days,
Susan C.Schroyer, died 25 Feb. 1864, age 5 years, 8 months, 13 days,
Mary E.Schroyer, died 28 Jul. 1877, age 17 years, 1 month, 12 days,
Edmund K.Schroyer, born 28 Dec. 1877, died 14 Jan. 1952,
Trenton Schroyer Born about 1865
Luther M. Schroyer Born May 9, 1869
Minnie V. Schroyer Born about 1873

5...Luther Marion Schroyer
Born: May 9, 1869
Frederick County, Maryland.
Died: May 17, 1935

Wife: Jenni L.
Cyril H. Schroyer Born: Sep, 1898 in Maryland
Lawson J. Schroyer May 10, 1901 in Maryland

6...Lawson J. Schroyer
Born: May 10, 1901
Fredrick, Maryland
Died: March 03, 1988
Wauchula, Fl.

Wife: Mary Katherine Stoler
Born 1907
Son: Stoler M., 1933-1956

Two Brothers:
Samuel D. Schroyer Born: 1904 in Maryland
Charles Schroyer

sent on to Gordon.....

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