Sunday, October 18, 2009

Koren & Cody Wills Wedding Reception

held Saturday, October 17, 2009 at the Mercer Community Building in Mercer, MO.
Auntie B's Bakery (B.J. Passmore)supplied the cake, which looked like it came straight off Amazing Wedding Cakes, & K.E. Photography (Kris Eastin) was our photographer.
family attending:
Bernard & Janet Axsom
Grace Brown
Lisa, Tom, Max, & Logan Butler
Mary Johnson
Kevin, Deb, KJ, & Katie Dailey
Marie Dailey Hass
Lije Dailey & Jo
Dixie Dailey
B.J. Heaton
Linda Shroyer
Donna & Bob Hashman
Jean Gray
Deanna & Frank Schreffler
Ed & Norma Mai
Sammi & Jeb
Ryan & Nikki
Tyson Donelson

(when I see Kris's pictures, I'll probably realize I left someone out...)
we did family pictures, Koren made a meat & cheese tray, Koren & Cody supplied the Bud Light, Norma & Ed the pop, & we brought water, bread, rolls, chips, nuts, & mints.
Everyone seemed to have fun.
K.J. took his senior fundraiser form & almost sold enough to make his quota!
it was an amazing evening...& I didn't even cry.
we partied with the next generation far into the nite...I took the kids home & Went back...finally got Kevin to leave....and the kids cleaned up this morning all by themselves! (while I was taking a nap.)
Koren is such a good girl!

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