Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bryan Hashman

this month the senior spotlight also shines on Bryan Hashman. Bryan is the son of Bob & Donna Hashman. Bryan, the only child, enjoys hanging out with his girlfriend Susan and his many other friends.
Bryan's plans after he graduates from high school include going to college at North Central Missouri College majoring in Auto Body, as well as starting a family.
During his high school career, Bryan has been involved in activities such as FBLA, softball, and three years of basketball.
In his spare time you can find Bryan out in the woods hunting, at the river fishing, spending time with his girlfriend Susan, hanging out with good friends, and doing stupid stuff with Luke.
He also enjoys staying at home sitting on the couch watching his favorite movie Tommy boy or driving around in his truck listening to rock or country music.
A favorite high school memory of Bryan's that I am sure isn't thought of frequently by his peers is the time he earned a high school in-school suspension for mooning his entire class.
Bryan has been involved in two years of Vo-tech and is taking a college-level Micro Applications class in the afternoon.
As Bryan waltzes through the hallways at North Mercer, you can be sure he will have a smile on his face and a joke about to be told. He has made his classmates appreciate good humor and gut-wrenching laughter. We wish you the best of luck in everything you do. Hopefully your memories of Mercer High School will be good ones! Bryan leaves this advice to his lower classmen as a standard he truly lives by: "Live every day to the fullest."

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