Monday, November 30, 2009

conversation with Marie

May 29 2003 what I think I remember of Kevin's conversation with Marie Dailey Hass. They lived in Grandma Jessie's little house and walked everywhere. They walked to school, home for lunch, back to school, and home afterwords. Wesley was a basketball star. She thinks she remembers Eva playing basketball, too, the court was outside. Newtown school was built the same way, only the stairs were on the other side. She had a friend that she would walk to the mile crossing with, they'd milk a cow and carry the milk back to town. On Sundays, they'd walk to Lineville and back.
When she and Howard lived in the house next to the old Princeton Baptist Church, they'd have church on Weds, Sat, and Sunday, they'd park the street full both ways so they couldn't get out of the driveway, one time they had to go somewhere and did inch their way out, but creased a car (she didn't say if it was theirs or someone elses). The church paid her for the house by tithes. Every house she has lived in has been torn down, she says.
She said something about her Grammy Toot and quilts.
Purple iris were Jessie Shroyers favorite flower because they smelled the best.
Her mother never yelled at the kids, she didn't put up with nonsense and would take a switch from a tree to them. They listened to her. Someone (can't remember who) remarked how they always remembered Jessie smiling and happy and wondered how she could be that way with eight children. Howard's home life as a child was much different

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