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letter to Nona Axsom

Training for Citizenship Based on Moral Principals
A Young Citizens League In Every School

County Superintendent of Schools
Gettsyburg, South Dakota
Dec. 13, 1927

Miss Nona Axsom
Gettsyburg, S. Dak.

Dear Miss Axsom;

I wrote to the Standard Education Society in regard to that book proposition, and recieved the following reply yesterday in the same mail that brought your letter:
Dear Sir:
In reply to your favor of November 14 regarding our letter to Miss Nona Axsom
of Lebanon, please be advised that our representative informed us that that
order was confused with another and that it was not his intention to send in
the name of Miss Axsom.
We are sorry this little confusion occurred, but want to say the order has been
cancelled and that the matter is now closed.
Very truly yours,
Per L.A. Williams
Collection Manager

Now this was a very polite way to crawl out of it; but since they agreed to trouble you no further, I suppose we had better accept their explanation and let it go at that.
Please report at once if other representatives are working in your district and
disregard the law concerning their entering school houses during school hours. We would like to make an example of one or two of these fellows so they would no longer try to take in the beginning teachers on their dishonest methods.

With kind personal regards, I am
Very truly yours,
John A (can't read)
County Supt. of Schools

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