Friday, November 6, 2009

Mercer School Newspaper Staff In 1959

(from The Mercer Mirror)
The photograph above was taken for the 1959 Mercer School Annual and demonstrates that journalism in high school was as important then as it is now. Local schools are becoming more interested in producing their own media productions, it is a great learning tool. We are glad to publish work by students, but still feel they should write about what they want to, in a professional style. Schools are for students and teachers, the more control they have over what is produced and who is on school premises, the better and safer they will be. In the photo above are: front row:Rosanne Hanneman Overholster, Danny Berndt, Darlene Stark, Lige Dailey, Carolyn Arbuckle, Myron Moore. back rows: teacher Mrs Agnes Clark, Bill Robinson, Jerry Ledbetter, Bud Watson, Nick McHargue, Dennis Cunningham, teacher Mrs Nelle Hagan, Shelby Widner.

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