Friday, November 27, 2009

Missouri Premium Gold Award Winners Honored

Missouri's top producers from 2002 were honored in June. The annual Premium Gold Awards event took place at the PSF cabin near the Terre Haute farms.
Area Manager Terry Busker, during the awards presentation, summed up the direction Missouri production efforts are taking. "We are spending money to make money. Look at the dollars we have spent and will spend on the PRRS project, bio-security, and overall herd health. We are working hard on things we can control," said Terry.
Seven farms and five individuals wer recognized for their achievements by their production supervisors.
Director of Missouri Operations Bill Homann gave his congratulations to all award winners and challanged them to achieve great results again this year.
bottom picture: Production Supervisor Arron Duvall talks with the crew from Wade 1 during the afternoon gathering at the cabin. Left to right Duvall, B.J. Heaton, Lee Stout, Robert Foster, Stoney Coffman, Amanda Holtzclaw.

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