Saturday, December 26, 2009

xmas email from david dailey

we went down to atlanta to see he kids for x-mas and had a great time. jon is 21 and is engaged to malin hallberg (photos attached). leah is 19 and is going to georgia southern university, as a sophomore. andy is 15 and a sophomore in high school, and is dating a girl named taylor. andy is very busy with his navy sea cadets, he is gone one weekend a month and usually two weeks a year to training. he loves it. mel and i have been together 5 years so far. allen is 16 and a sophomore, he loves wrestling and video games, he is dating but i don't think he has settled on one yet. becky is 13 and and in the 7th grade, plays the viola (not the violin) and made 1st chair this year. she loves art and writing.
i am still doing hvac construction and working for home depot nights and weekends. and i know what you mean about having weird schedules and email is a god send. don't be afraid to write i will write back when i can. mel is my life line to a lot of things, she helps me stay in touch with the kids. she reads their mail to me while i drive home. also i have included pictures of Taylor and malin, Jon and Andrews girlfriends.

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