Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Hatfields & The McCoys

I would always shake my head at old family could families split up over something stupid & lose contact with each other? honestly. I have busted ass over the years, showing up at family events, taking endless pictures, writing down details, scrapbooking wedding, birth, graduation, & death announcements...trying to make pleasant conversation with relatives that although I am closely related to, I see at best once a year & really don't know. especially in this day of facebook & email. facebook is of course my fave new genealogy tool...copy pictures, post them on my family history blog. easy, fast, and no real human contact. but even facebook got me in trouble. me and my big mouth. so I am now a couple of relatives short. I probably will be bullheaded and not attend the next gathering, which is really not something I look forward to anyway, just go visit grandma at the nursing home. and after grandma is gone, will these reunions continue? will there be a need for us to get together? because why waste time hanging out with people you really don't like all that much? kind of like going to a class reunion...if you really wanted to hang out with these people, wouldn't you make more of an effort?
so now I have started a feud, pissed off my cousin who hasn't had a job in 11 years by telling her that on top of her manic monday of sick kid & crashed computer she should have a job, too. I get tired of people acting like I work because I want to. I want my kids to have health insurance & food & clothes & a decent house & dependable transportation, birthday & xmas presents & the occasional vacation...that translates into 2 working parents.

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