Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Senior Spotlight

Karl Joseph Dailey
This month's spotlight shines on Karl Joseph Dailey. He was born on MArch 9, 1992, to Kevin & Debbie Dailey. He has an older sister, Koren, and a younger sister, Katie.
KJ's hobbies are reading, hanging out with friends, and making fun of Dakota. His friends include Dakota,Jennie, Corey, Heather, Derek, & John.
KJ's favorite food is pizza, and his favorite type of music to listen to is rock or alternative. His favorite game to play is basketball, and his favorite movie is The Hangover.
KJ's favorite book is Desperation by Stephen King and his favorite subject in school is history. The city park is his favorite place to go. When asked what annoys him most he said, "Calvin's refusal to pay me my money!"
KJ's favorite memory from school is being inducted into the National Honor Society, and his worst moment from school is when a guy paid him in small change for a walking taco at senior stand. KJ is going to miss hanging out with his friends the most about school and senior stand the least.
KJ's goals are to be a good student in college and hopefully get into med school. His plans for the future are to go to college, then med school, and hopefully become a physician.
KJ's advice to underclassmen is to "Listen to your teachers and turn in your homework." We wish you all the luck, KJ!

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