Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alexander Axsom in the Civil War

by Norma Zanetti

son of Joseph H Axsom SR, Alexander married Mary maiden name unknown about 1847. In 1860 Alexander & Mary resided in Mecklenburg County, NC. Alexander was a member of Company G, 34th Regiment, NC Infantry, but the date and place of his enlistment were not reported. He was issued clothing on 14Nov1864 and 17Nov1864. That was probably soon after enlistmetnt. if so, he would've been about 39 yrs. old. Alexander was captured near Petersburg, VA 02April1865. he was confined at Hart's Island, New York Harbor, on 07April1865. he was released 17June1865 after taking the Oath of Allegiance. Alexander was described as having been 5'10" with black hair, dark complexion, & hazel eyes. He signed his name with a mark. by 1880 Alexander & his family had moved to neighboring Gaston County, NC. Alexander was a laborer and farmer. Death records for Alexander & Mary have not been located, but they were probably buried in either Mecklenburg or Gaston County.

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this was written by Norma Zanetti.