Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Axsom Branch Archaeological Site

can you believe it? The United States Government has designated an archaelogical research site with the Axsom name in it!
The name "Axsom Branch" refers to a creek in southwestern Brown County, Indiana. The Axsom Branch currently flows northward and empties into Lake Monroe. Before Lake Monroe existed, Axsom Branch emptied into Salt Creek. William David Axsom's family farm was near Axsom Branch. Several other Axsom families in Samuel David Axsom's clan had homes in the valley that cradled Axsom Branch.

see for yourself at this website:

the information at the website contains the following:
Axsom Branch Genealogical Site (12BR12)
added 1995 Site #86000525
also known as 12 Br 12
Address Restricted: Nashville
Historic significance: information potential
area of significance: prehistoric
cultural affiliation: Late Archaic
period of significance: 2500-2999BC, 2000-2499BC, 1500-1999BC
owner: federal
Historic Function: domestic
Historic subfunction: village site
current function: landscape
current subfunction: natural feature

note that the location of the site has its address restricted. only the town of Nashville (IN) is mentioned.
William Neil Axsom said that the knows about the site but would disclose no other information-since it was restricted.

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