Sunday, August 15, 2010

Samuel J Axsom in the Civil War

by Norma Zanetti

son of Andrew Axsom
Samuel J married Phoebe Nicholson 19Dec1857 in Surry Co, NC. they resided in the Dobson District of Surry Co. in 1860. Samuel was listed as a tenant on the Census, he did not own real estate. Samuel enlisted in Company A, 28th Regiment, NC Infanty 18May1862 in Dobson, Surry Co, NC. age 26, 5'7", sandy hair, sandy complexion, blue eyes. listed on a Receipt Roll dated 10April1862 as having rec'd a bounty payment of $50.00. Samuel was captured at Hanover Courthouse, VA 27May1862. confined at Fort Columbus, New York Harbor, and later exchanged at Aiken's Landing, James River, VA. evidently he was sick when released. A report dated for the period 01May through31October1862 listed him as absent and in the hospital. He was approved for a 30 day furlough on 12Nov1862 by the Medical Director's Office in Richmond, VA. 19Nov1862 paid for the period of 01Sept1862-31Oct1862 in the amount of $22.00. (2 months pay at $11.00 per month). That same day, he appeared before a Notary Public in Henrico Co., VA and under oath stated that he had rec'd his bounty payment, clothing allowance, his last regular pay and the payments were just & fair. Samuel died at home in Surry Co, NC 12Dec1862. the cause of death was reported as disease. His burial place has not been located. is is assumed he was buried in an unmarked grave. 10Jan1863 his widow Phoebe appeared before a Justice of the Peace in Surry Co. and under oath stated she was the legal heir of Samuel J Axosm & was entitled to any amount of pay due Samuel from the Confederate States. That same day, she retained Attorney V.T. Crawford of Richmond, VA to represent her regarding her claim to allsums of money or other claims found due for the services as rendered the Confederate States of America by Samuel J Axsom. 24May1864 the Treasury Dept. of the CSA approved Phoebe's claim for services of Samuel J from 31October1862 to the date of his death, which amounted to one month and twelve days, at $11 per month. ($15.40)

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