Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2 Men Vow to Love, Honor Each Other

unknown handdated newspaper clipping from the collection of Amanda Shafer
(March 22nd 1971)

San Francisco, Calif. (AP) -In a ceremony performed in a United Methodist Church, two men promised to "live together, love, honor, and cherish each other."
At the close, the Rev. Lloyd Wake said: "I pray God's blessing upon you and the best of life for you both."
Then Abraham Valencia, 21, and Jay Furness, 28, exchanged rings and embraced in a shower of red carnations thrown by friends.
The event in Glide Memorial United Methodist church, witnessed by 20 persons, was called a "covenant" ceremony by the minister. Said the Rev. Mr. Wake:
Furness said, "It's just something we wanted to do. It has nothing to do with rebellion or revolt."
Said Valencia, "It's like a celebration. We decided the day we started going together we would live together, and this was just to let our friends share in the celebration."

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