Friday, October 29, 2010

Arrest Three Here After Burglary

from the Amanda Shafer newspaper clipping collection

Three men were arrested here early Thursday within an hour after a 2 a.m. burglary at the J & B Tavern, 2841 E. Euclid ave.
The men were arrested after a passerby furnished police with the liscence number of a car in which he said the three men left the tavern.
The three arrested gave their names and addresses as Dewey T. Carr, 21, of 4912 Fifty-fifth st., Richard G. Trundle, 34, of 404 E. Fifth st., and Wilbur E. Sparks, 27, of 3979 E. Forty-fourth st.
Sgt. Russell Warren said Windsor Heights policemen assisted Des Moines officers and lay in wait at the Carr home to where they had traced the registration of the auto.
Warren and other officers stopped the auto as it approached the Carr home and said $96.95 in change, several packages of cigarettes and a variety of tools were found in the car.
Hazel Davis, operator of the tavern, told police coin-operated devices at the tavern had been broken into and robbed and that several packages of cigarettes were stolen.
The tavern had been entered by breaking the glass in a front door.
Police said that the three men have denied any connection with the burglary and are being held in the city jajil for futher questioning.

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