Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birthday Dinner Honors Mrs Cora Zimmerman

newspaper clipping amanda shafer scrapbook
handdated 1958

Mrs Cora Zimmerman celebrated her 85th birthday Sunday, Nov. 2 at her home north of Cainsville.
There were 102 present to help Mrs Zimmerman celebrate. All of her children were present, except Richard of Kansas City, Kansas. Many grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren attended the dinner. Also her Uncle, Bill Craig of Cainsville, who is 92 years young, attended.
She received many gifts and cards from friends and relatives.
Those present were: Mr and Mrs Shelvie Geroge, daughters Joetta and Sally; Mr and Mrs Rufus Zimmerman and Gary; Mr and Mrs Eddy George; Mr and Mrs Alva Crawley; Mr and Mrs Ivan Speer, Waukee, Iowa; Mr and Mrs Marshall Zimmerman, Wilbur, Ruth, and Ronnie of the home; Clifford Zimmerman, Waukee, Iowa; Colleen Hart, Eagleville; one sister Nora Morley, Blythedale; Mrs Lena Stanley, Cainsville; Karen George; Mr and Mrs Jim Tupilani; Mr and Mrs Wilbur McKinney; Jack George; Mr and Mrs Max George and daughter, all of Kansas City; Leona Poggenphl of Des Moines, Iowa; Mr and Mrs Leo Stanley and family, Bethany; Mr and Mrs Richard George; Mr and Mrs William Zimmerman and daughter Kay; Mr and Mrs Bob George and family; Mr and Mrs Earl Van Pelt, and Susan; Mr and Mrs Truman Stanley and family; Mr and Mrs Harlan Crawley and family, Waukee, Iowa; Mr and MRs Junior Graves and family of Des Moines, Iowa; Mr and Mrs Merle Phelps, Bethany; Mr and Mrs Jim George and son Stevie of Warensville, Ill; Gracie Gibler, Brimson; Mrs Gracie Tharp, Columbia; Mr and Mrs Orville Hobbs, Brimson; Nelson Hobbs; Harold Hobbs; Mr and Mrs Harlon Hobbs and daughter Glenda, Trenton; MR and Mrs Darrell Little, Silverlake, Kansas; Mrs Wilbur Stockey and family, Trenton; Arnold Gibler and son, Cameron;Mrs Guienth Stratton and family, Bobby Bulyar, Max Edward Homby, Brimson; Duane Morley, Trenton; Gerald Bennett, Ames, Iowa; Mr and Mrs Raymond Crawley and family, Cainsville.
Everyone departed at a late hour, wishing Grandma Zimmerman many more happy birthdays.

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