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Eckhart Greif (left) of Woodward asks Gov. Harold Hughes to investigate a possible parole for his son, Ronald, 21, who is serving a three-year term in the men's reformatory at Anamosa for shooting at other vehicles. Said Greif in his plea: "He's a good boy and has learned his lesson."

Des Moines Tribune
Fri Dec 14 1962
Greif, a Democrat, talked with the governor about Greif's son, Ronald, 21, who was sentenced to a three-year term in the Men's Reformatory at Anamosa last year for shooting at vehicles.
Greif said that a 16-year-old boy who was with his son was sentenced to five years at the State Training School for boys in Eldora, but served only a month of the term because his family moved out of the state.
Said Greif: "My boy has learned his lesson. I wanted him to get some punishment, but he has been in long enough, especially since the younger boy served only a month."

By Nick Baldwin (Tribune Staff Writer)
GUTHRIE CENTER, IA-Ronald Eugene Greif, 20, of Woodward and a 16-year-old companion, also from Woodward, were jailed here early Friday after more than 30 bullets from a .22 caliber rifle were pumped into four vehicles on central Iowa highways.
"No one was injured, but a cow in one of the trucks was killed."
The boys, after their arrest about 3a.m. by Don Smith, night marshall at Coon Rapids, admitted firing the rifle into the vehicles they encountered during a ride from the Winterset area.
The boys also admitted stealing gasoline at two farms and setting fires there.
The fire at the Lloyd Covault farm 11 miles west of Guthrie Center destroyed a barn.
The fire at the Simon Anderson farm near Guthrie Center destroyed 80 bales of hay.
Neither of the boys attended school and neither is employed.
They told Highway Patrolman Donald Platt "They just wanted to have a night out" when asked why they had fired the rifle into vehicles. Officials said neither of the boys had been drinking.
The patrolman said the car they were driving was registered to the Greif boys grandfather, who lives in Dallas Center.
The boys said they had decided Thursday to go from Woodward to Winterset to visit friends after they had set out some traps in the Woodward area.
Highway Patrolman Platt said the first report of shooting came about 7vp.m. when an auto was shot at on Highway 92 between Martensdale and Bevington.
About 9p.m., the second shooting incident was reported on Highway 92 between Winterset and Patterson.
Robert Tuttle of 205 SW Army Post Road in Des Moines said he was driving a load of 11 cows from Winterset to Des Moines when he heard several shots behind him.
One bullet struck the gas tank of the truck. Another struck and killed one of the cattle. Seven bullet holes were counted in the truck.
He drove into Des Moines to report the shooting to the Polk County Sheriff's office.
At 12:30a.m., Maylon Conway, 37, of Perry reported 15 bullets were fired into the Ruan gasoline transport he was driving along Highway 141 near Granger. He was able to drive into Perry.
A United States Mail Truck was fired upon about 2 a.m. on Highway 141 between Bagley and Bayard.
Kenneth Campbell, 43, of Harlan, said he had left Des Moines at 12:15a.m. with a load of mail for Sac City and Carroll.
"We were scared when we heard shots behind us.
"As they passed us I got their license number. When we got into Bayard, they passed us again.
"We counted 13 bullet holes in the truck. One of the bullets went into a box of medicine we were to deliver to a doctor in Carroll, but none of the bottles were broken."
The boys offered no resistance when arrested. They said they had dumped gasoline on bales of hay and then threw lighted cigarettes into it to start it burning when they started one of the farm fire.
They were charged with carrying a loaded gun on the public highway. Bond was set at $300.
Other charges are to be filed later, officers said.
Greif, who said both boys took turns using the gun during the evening, said the gun belonged to him.
He pleaded guilty to the charge of carrying a loaded gun and was sentenced to 30 days in the county jail.

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