Friday, November 19, 2010

March is the trickiest month of the year,

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March is the trickiest month of the year,
What's coming we never can know;
One day we feel certain that spring is here,
The next day we'r wading in snow:

The sun, in the morning, is shining bright,
By noon there are clouds overhead;
A blizzard is raging in wild delight
At night when we'r going to bed:

'Tis bluster and change almost every day,
With all kinds of weather and wind,
No lack of variety on display
But change from begining to end:

So when the sun shines out brightly and warm,
Do not think that springtime is here;
The chances are, there is brewing a storm
Which may be the worst of the year.

Lindley Grisell

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