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Lineville Couple Killed
Report Crash Suit Settled for $137,500
Aug 24 1965 on Highway 69 nine miles north of Leon, an asphalt tank truck owned by Ruan Transport of DEs Moines and driven by Robert M Lewis jacknifed on a curve and collided with a car.
CArl Day, 52, Lineville farmer, and wife Belva, 50, were two of the victims. Two of their minor children, Cora, now 14, and Ronald, 12 were injured.
Also killed in the accident was another daughter of Mr and Mrs Day, Mrs Robert Byers, 27, also of Lineville, her son Kenneth, 7. Mrs Byers husband, 27, was also injured.
the seven were riding in Days car, driven by Byers, en route to the State Fair when the crash occurred.
A claim by the Carl Day estate against Ruan Transport ofr $125,450 of which $450 was damage to Days car and the rest for his death.

Orders Elmore to Repay $1187
Indianola,IA-judgement handed down in Warren Co. District Court ordering Charles N Elmore, former county superintendent of schools to repay the county $1187.20 he embezzled before being discharged in 1953. he is now serving a 10 year indeterminate sentence in the state penitentary for the offense.
Oct 5 1956

Plane Crashed In City Limits Monday When It Attempted To Take-off On Wet Pasture
a plane crash about three blocks from the square in Cainsville injured the pilot and owner, Glen E Meyer, and passanger, Terrence Dale (Terry ) Noah, both of ORegon, Mo. Terry, 27, and Mr Meyer, 32, had paid a short visit to Terry's parents, Mr and Mrs W W Noah, of Cainsville, and stopped at the schoolhouse for a brief visit with former teachers of Terry.
plane crashed in a pasture just south of the Sinclair oil tanks. attempted to take off in a crosswind. pasture was wet from more than an inch of rain which fell in the early morning hours. pilot made an attempt or two to take off but couldn't get off the ground until it was too late to clear the trees just north of the pasture.
The right wing of the plane struck a tree which turned the plane around and it dived into a soybean patch just a short distance south of Mrs Stella Wickershams residence across the street from the Lambert lumber yard. The nose of the plane went into the muddy field, but the palne then set back down on it's wheels.
Mr Noah and other witnesses had difficulty reaching the plane as they tried to run through the bean patch and mud. Both occupants were badly cut and were bleeding profusely, but had not lost consciousness. Terry suffered multiple face lacerations and a skull fracture. Meyer suffered multiple facial lacerations.
They were taken to Noll Memorial Hospital by Doris Overton, who drove his car as close to the plane as possible. Terry had to be carried to the car, Meyer was able to walk. Accompanying them to the hospital were Mrs Overton, MR Noah, and Alva Turrell.
Both are making satisfactory recovery at the hospital.
The plane, Cesna 140, crashed at 2:07p.m. The plane had a damaged left wing, and a hole in the right wing and the nose was badly bent.
The wreckage of another Cesna 140 was discovered less than four hours earlier in Harrison county near New Hampton. The pilot and passenger Marvin Kruger, 26, and Robert Nelson Howell, 20, both of Minneapolis, Minn. were killed and the plane was a total loss.

Trucker Jailed In Gas Case
Earl Smith, director of the state gas tax division, Wednesday reported the first case of a trucker being jailed in Iowa for failure to pay the state gas tax on excessive gasoline in the tanks of his vehicle when entering Iowa.
Carl Frisbie of Princeton, MO, sentenced to 7 days in Jail at Nevada after he failed to pay a $25 fine assessed against him Tuesday by Justice of the PEace Alma Severeid of Huxley.
The truck was owned by G.D. Redinger of Lamoni. Frisbie paid the $5.88 tax due after he was arrested at the Huxley weighing station.

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