Monday, November 29, 2010

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmothers house we go....

of course, these days, the annual Brown Family Christmas is held the Sunday after Thanksgiving in a large area rented for the purpose each year, we started this because the family was just stuffed in grandma's house, & now grandma's house has been sold & she lives in the nursing home. it has evolved into a soup and sandwich lunch....Jim makes chili, Aunt Kay makes vegetable soup, & my mom makes baked potato soup. and the desserts...oh my. Lisa, Aunt Chardy, & I herded the family members into various group photos as always. Katie was kind enough to picnik them for me. Aunt Chardy always does some kind of a gift deal....we pick out a wrapped gift & can change them...etc. this year everyone got a lottery ticket & a penny! Grandma Grace won $2, Shelia & Katie won $ was a cool idea. and I appreciate Aunt Chardy working so hard to keep the family gathering for the holidays.

attending were great aunt Minerva Brown; grandma Grace Brown; Bernard & Janet Axsom; John Axsom; Tom, Lisa, Max, & Logan Butler; Kevin, Deb, Katie, & KJ Dailey; Robin, Jace, & Lexi Shalz; Shawn & Karlan Crawford; Kay & Bob Crawford; Chris, Robin, Ashley, & Tara Crawford; Chardy & Jim Smith; Kerry, Shelia, Kenton, & Steven Dauma; and Kenton's girlfriend.

Bobby Shalz has been deployed.

Jace has his drivers permit.

Ashley is a freshman at Mizzou. KJ is a freshman at Northwest.

Aunt Minerva has moved into Sunnyview apartments for the winter.

we were all cleared out by 2:30p.m.

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