Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Do You Think?

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Question: What are some memorable experiences you have had in St Mary's Catholic Church?
(answers obtained at last service to be held in teh 85-year-old-church, Second avenue at Crocker st.)

Ralph Green, 47, of 3016 E. Madison st. "I was born and raised here on the east side in this parish. I was baptized and confirmed here, and I also attended the school here which was run by St Mary's. The school has been closed for a while now. My daughter had the same upbringing in this neighborhood that I had, and she was one of the last to be graduated from this church. My parents came to Des Moines from Germany,moved to Second St., and attended this church."

Mrs Ted Fath, 3921 Cambridge st Highland Park: "I've gone to this church almost all of my life, and so has my husband-he moved here when he was three years old. We've been married for 37 years and our lives have been centered around this church. Goodness knows how many church suppers, carnivals, and other church events I've worked for here at St Mary's. It's a shame to see this place close, it has been such an important part of our lives."

Ted Fath, 3921 Cambridge st Highland Park: "We moved here when the streetcars were pulled by horses. I was just walking when we moved here from Eagle Grove...and I lived in that house down there (839 Second ave.) just two houses down from this church. I went to school here. I remember getting plenty of spankings from the sisters...once for jumping out of a school window. My parents were also buried from service's here at St Mary's.

Mrs Joseph T. Comito, 4140 Eleventh place: "I remember very well when I was a little girl, Father (the Rev. Dominic Weber) used to come out and play ball with us in the schoolyard. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays he heard our religion. On Tuesday it was religion, and on Thursdays it was the Bible. I remember what a grand time we all had on Father's Silver Jubilee, even though I was j ust a very small girl then. My mother, Rosie Grandanette, lives just down the street and has gone to church here 35 years."

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