Sunday, December 12, 2010

Craig Family

Alexander Craig was born on December 16 1843, was the seventh child of Andrew & Mary (Heston) Craig. Andrew & Mary Craig came from Indiana in 1859, they made a 32 day trip with oxen & wagon to Mercer county, Missouri. Alexander was married to Christiana Addison on April 22 1866 & enlisted on the 13th of August 1862 as a Private in Co. F. or Iowa's 23rd Infantry. He served until June 2 1865.
Alexander & Christiana were the parents of ten children:
1. Albert born May 28 1867 married Elizabeth Jane Maxwell
2. Arthur A. born 1885 married Mary S Moore
3. Mary born 1873 married Charles Dunegan
4. Luella born in 1882 married to William Miller
5 & 6. twins Addie & Hattie born in 1876 and died in childhood
7. Eva born 1887 married Ernast VanShoick
8. Thomas born 1871 married Cora Foger Parrish
9. Ida born 1876 and died in infancy
10.Leona born 1869 married to Charles Bryant

Albert Craig, born May 28 1867, in Harrison County, Missouri married to Elizabeth Jane Maxwell who was born on October 12 1866. Elizabeth was the daughter of David Maxwell and Elizabeth Himelick. They raised nine children; one child, Dortha, died in infancy. The other children were:
Nellie born 1889 married Austin Thomas
Lloyd Lee born 1891 married to Alma Constable
Neola Vera born 1894 married Robert Clapham
Harley Glen born 1900 married Letha Landes
Norvia Ray born 1902 married Florence Melton who died, he then married Kathryn Wethered
Beulah born 1904 married Cole Rhea
Roscoe Ward born 1907 married Nettie Green Miller
Doris LaVaughn born 1909 married L.L. Melton, Sr.; Shellie Preston; Jack Hattin; Robert Brookshire.
Fred Ramey, born in 1886 and married to Miriam Nelles, was raised with this family, being Elizabeth Maxwell Ramsey's son from a previous marriage.

[did Alexander & Christiana have THREE kids in 1876? twins Addie and Hattie AND Ida? or is this a typo? I guess it would be possible. wow....what a year if it did happen!]

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