Monday, December 27, 2010

happy holidays family style

koren & cody got here for Xmas eve....we have always had work the holiday shit jobs, so the kids are used to celebrating when we can all get together.( I worked all day Xmas eve, Kevin
& I both worked Xmas day...). the gifts weren't many, but everyone was pleased with what they got. Mom & Dad &John were here for supper Xmas eve, Koren brought homemade candy &corn casserole, mom brought noodles. Xmas afternoon we visited at Marie's, Lije &Jo were there. Xmas nite Katie & I went to supper at Norma & Ed's with Koren & Cody. sunday nite we took down the tree.
Koren & cody moved into their new house Xmas week. once upon a time we moved close to Xmas, had to move wrapped gifts!

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