Saturday, December 18, 2010

John Bryant of Taunton

found online years ago....

the next time that a John Bryant of Taunton is mentioned in the records, is on 3June1652 which would make him about age 25 when he was brought before the Plymouth Court for exchanging a musket for a fowling piece with the Indians. A John Bryant Jr was admitted as a freeman at Taunton in 1654 and took the oath of fidelity in 1657. In 1659 he is on a list of those entitled to a division of lands at Taunton. On 25May1680 he is on a list giving the names of property owners of Taunton, which states in part, "John Bryant on the right which was his fathers." In 1684 John made out a will and died in 1693 about age 66. In his will he leaves all to his wife Elizabeth, and a son, John. (now we have another John). No John is listed again until 27Sep1710 when a John BRIANT is married in Taunton to a Abigail Holloway.
Therefore, I believe that we can justly say that John Bryant Sr of Taunton, whose origin is not known, lived and died in Taunton, and that his only son, John Jr should not be confused with any of the other Johns is the Plymouth colony at this period of time. To wit, John Sr and his son John Jr of Scituate, nor with John Sr of Plymouth, the son of Stephen Sr of Plymouth, nor with the Lt John of Plympton, who married Abigail, daughter of Stephen Sr.

now, are you as confused as I am? given that both John & Bryant were rather common names in this time frame...somewhat of a clusterf*#@

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