Sunday, December 12, 2010

my family history blog....

it seems like it should be pretty simple....record the history of my family & my husbands family for our children...
but I have paternal AND maternal grandparents & great grandparents that split and split and split....and so does my husband. I find the step families fascinating, so record all I find on them too. and before you know it----overwhelming. I don't spend much time on research these days, but keep up to date with facebook status' and photos of relatives...and have "met" several new family members through facebook & my blog.
my goal is to eventually put EVERYTHING I have collected over the years on here so it is accessible to whoever stumbles across it. everytime I clean house or look for something, I find another folder or notebook or stack of papers...
my next posts will be letters from my husband's cousin Vicki Bever Doze re: George Washington Doze.
please send me anything you think belongs on here.
deb (aka Tallulah Jane Puffenstuff.)

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