Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stephen Bryant Sr of Plymouth Ma.

found online years ago...

Stephen came from England to Plymouth as a young single male. The actual date of when he came to New England, his birth and death dates, or whom his parents were are unknown. Plymouth town records were not kept until 1636. He must have been of age in 1636 for her marked his cattle and registered the mark in the town book at Plymouth. Thus, he had to have been born before 1615.
According to Kingman, Stephen was here in 1632, making him about 17+ when he came over. He is on the 1643 list of those able to bear arms at Plymouth and land was purchased by him the same year. 1646 he is on a list of inhabitants at Plymouth. In 1647 he is not on the list at Plymouth, but in Duxbury, married to Abigal Shaw, where she gave birth to their first child, Abigail. In 1654 he is appointed constable of Duxbury and in 1658 he's back at Plymouth, being appointed surveyor of highways. Thus, sometime between 1654 & 1658 he came back to Plymouth. In 1663 he is appointed constable of Plymouth. 1684, Stephen is on a list of soldiers of Plymouth (may be Stephen Jr.) and from that date on, Stephen Sr. is only mentioned in past tense, so he must have died soon after 1684, making him about 70 years old.
It has been stated that he was the brother of John Sr. of Scituate. I can not find any evidence that proves they were. Also been stated that John Sr of Taunton was his father, but the date refutes this claim.

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