Saturday, January 1, 2011

Butler Family Christmas Letter 2010

I still sub for the local school. I applied for, but didn't get, an elementary librarian position. It would be nice to have a schedule, salary, etc. but it's nice to have a day or 2 at home all by myself most weeks. I started jogging this fall after seeing some very unflattering vacation photos of myself. I had just worked up to 2 miles a day when the time change & cooler weather hit & I started slacking. I try to jog on the treadmill but it's hard for an uncoordinated klutz like me (I honestly HAVE hurt myself on that thing before.) The good news is that the increased exercise has helped my respiratory problems.

Tom's still a computer network guru something or other for Learfield Communications in Jefferson City. He still loves the job & hates the long commute. He's lost quite a bit of weight. I tell him HE looks good but the smaller he gets, the bigger I look. I think it's part of a convoluted plan to get me to lose weight....Regardless, he doesn't snore as much so I get to actually sleep & he's sleeping better also.

Max is 12 and in 6th grade, which means we made the big adjustment to middle school. It was a little overwhelming for us all at 1st but now that he's adjusted he really likes it. He plays a trombone in the beginner band. He's taller than me and has a mustache (it's not thick enough to shave but dark enough to plainly see.) He's very proud that over the summer he finally mastered riding a bike (Yes, I know he was 11 at the time but hey, the poor kid is a klutz like me.)

Logan is 10 and in 4th grade. In January, he was one of 4 third graders selected from our school for the district Knowledge Bowl. He placed 2nd in 3rd grade science, 2nd in 3rd grade social studies, and 2nd for 3rd grade overall. I was subbing & he came by the room to show off his medals when he got back to school. I was about to burst with pride...until he walked away & I saw his jacket was on inside out. You would think someone with all those medals could figure out how to put on a coat. ;) He's fascinated by weather & storms & thinks he might be a storm chaser when he grows up.

We took a week-long vacation to Chicago in August. Logan wanted to stay in a 4 star hotel; I told him that wasn't in our budget. He said, "Well, you can stay in a 4 star hotel & pay a 2 star!" I think he watches a little too much tv! :) We went to Sears Tower, Field Museum, Adlers Planetarium, Museum of Science & Industry, Shedd's Aquarium, Navy Pier & Legoland Discovery Center (as Logan is the biggest Lego fan ever-had a cool scale model of Chicago.) It's a beautiful city & the architecture is amazing. This was the 1st "real" family vacation we've taken (the rest have just been long weekends.) We had lots of fun & Logan's now planning trips to New York City, Washington, D.C., LA, etc. Hope HE plans to also pay for them!!

We hope you had agreat 2010 and that 2011 is even better for you.

Tom, Lisa, Max, Logan

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