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The Boyds

email from my sister lisa butler

"I've just started on the Boyds, although my older sister has researched them some. I'll keep your email on file and as I get more on them I'll be better able to answer your question. It sounds like it might be a match as Sanford came from Indiana and his parents came from KY. Hopefully we can "connect". John S. Boyd might be the connection as Davis City, Iowa isn't that far from Mercer co, MO where Sanford settled. I'll have to look into this.
What I have so far is-Sanford Clark Boyd was born in Indiana and that his parents were born in KY (this is from a census for Lindley twp. in Mercer Co MO but my sister failed to mention the eyar so I'll have to look it up sometime. A guy emailed me that Sanford was born 21 October 1859 near Green Castle, Indiana, died 1924 and was the son of ?Boyd and Lucy ? (the dates are from his obituary, source for parents unknown and unverified by me.)
I'm copying my older sister Deb on this as she's done more of the Boyd genealogy than I have.

original message
from Janice Katherine Lund
June 27 2003
Did any of your BOYDS came from Putnam Co, Indiana before Iowa. They married into my LANDES family as follows Any information appreciated.
thanks, Jan Lund

Descendants of Robert Calvin Boyd
1. Robert Calvin Boyd b. 1810 KY d.09August1871
+Margaret Jane Taylor b.09June1813 in Warren County, Ohio m.24June 1830 in Fayette County, Indiana, d.16June1895 in Davis County, Iowa.
2. James P. Boyd b. Aabt.1833
2. Anker Boyd b.12October1834 d.26July1889
+Ananias Landes b.15May1826 m.14Febraury1850 in Greencastle, Putnam Co, Indiana, d.12August1878
3.John Henry Landes b.06October1850 d.19February1933
+Caldone J. Cunningham b.1854 d.1906
2nd wife of John Henry Landes
+Laura Davis-Watkins
3.Margaret A. Landes b.11March1852
+Oliver Cromwell Macy
3.Albert Cary Landes b.03August1854 in Putnam Co, Indiana d.01April1923
+Lola G Burns m.04March1886 d. Aft23March 1943
3.Robert Samuel Landes b.28February1862 in Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa d.13December1942 in Lacona, Warren Co, Iowa
+Susan Stella Stanley b.1862 in Westerville, Decatur Co, Iowa m. February 1886 in Decatur Co, Iowa d.11November1890 in Westerville, Decatur Co , Iowa.
2nd wife of Robert Samuel Landes
+Martha Tabitha "Bitha" Rogers m. May1892 in Lacona, Warren Co, Iowa.
3.Augusta Anker Landers b.09November1864 in Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa, d.05December1946 in Search, White County, Arkansas.
+William E. Bruffey b.31October1861 in Attica, Marion County, Iowa d. 05January1935 in Mountain Grove, Wright county, Missouri
3. Emma M. Landes b.08July1870
+John Dee Pope
2. John S. Boyd b.26February1837 in Putnam County, Indiana d.26March1898 in Davis County, Iowa
+Mary J. Harbert m.30June1861 in Iowa
2. Robert S. Boyd b.Abt.1840
2. Amanda J. Boyd b.Abt.1852

thanks for answering. I'm forwarding this reply on to my 'cousin' Linda who is directly descended from the BOYDS who married into our LANDES family. Our LANDES/BOYD families were from Greencastle, Indiana, also (Putnam county) so this looks promising to be a connection for Linda, hopefully!
Jan Lund

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