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"Direct Descendants of Thomas Bryant"

Steven Bryant Jr married Sarah Shell, a descendant of John Alden, Pilgrim Father. Their son James Bryant Sr born Plymouth Rock 1680 and moved to Manikentown, VA.

James Bryant, Sr. married Elizabeth LAfver
1. James Jr
2. Isaac wounded Guilford Court House, Revolutionary War
3. Judith
4. Elizabeth
5. Mary
6. Martha Ann
7. Fanny
JAmes married Clara Tradue, widow of Anthony, their only child, Thomas, was killed at Guilford Court House, 1779-Revolutionary War. He was a lieutenant.

James Bryant JR married James Guerrant, June 11 1758 Maniketown County.
1. John
2. William G.
3. Jane
4. Sarah
married Jane Forsee
1. James
2. Stephen
3. Silas
4. Mary

James Bryant, Jr. and W.G. Bryant were privates in Battle of Guilford, Revolutionary War.

Stephen Bryant born Garrard county, KY, Oct 1 1811 died 1879 Harrison County, MO. married Elizabeth Hancock born Mercer County, KY about 1820 , died 1871-2 Harrison County, MO
1.William Scott died in Oklahoma
2.Martin Luther 1854-1881 Meriam Cemetery Bethany MO married Edith Whitacher MArch 2
1875. From BETHANY REPUBLICAN JAN 8 1874 "about 11p.m. last night fire discovered
in courthouse by Scott and Luther Bryant.
3.Jane married John Endsley of Harrison Co, MO
4.Mary C. married T.F. Walton of Harrison County MO Oct 16 1874. she was a native of
Clayton Co, Illinois. Thomas born Montgomery County, Indiana June 19 1843 son of David R.
March 30 1818 Ohio birthdate and Christine Walter born March 30 1817 Ohio. He had been
married to Jennie Bumgardner-daughter of David-who died Jan 10 1874 Harrison County.
They were married Sept 17 1868 Warren County Indiana. He farmed in Warren County,
Indiana until March 1873 when he bought a place in Harrison County.

Thomas Walton-Mary O. Bryant Nov 20 1874

T.F. and Jennie (Bumgardner) Walton Children:
1. Eva A. married James Kelley
2. Warren D.
3. Louie C.
T.F. and Mary (Bryant) Walton children:
His father died July 1880, settled in Montgomery County, Indiana in 1839 and married in October, enlisted 51st Illinois Infantry. 1870 came to Harrison County and lived in Butler County until his death.

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