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John William Ross Shafer

from The Shafer Family by Pauline Shafer Axsom

John was born June 9 1892, the third child of George Washington Shafer & Rose Ellen Oxford. He was known as Ross. He died June 9 1938 from diabetes. Ross was a WWI soldier & served in the trenches in France. He married Amanda Craig Oct. 10 1919.
Their children were:
1. William Ralph born Aug 18 1920 Nov 20 1943
He enlisted in the Marines and was stationed in Camp Pendleton, Ca. Never got a furlough. He was killed in The Battle of Tarawa Nov 20 1943.
2. Mary Pauline born May 20 1922 died at her home in San Jose CA Dec 6 1992 from lymphoma.
3. Junior Ross born March 19 1924 died March 8 19__
4. Cecil Dean born Feb 14 1926 died Aug 8 1998 at his home in Princeton, MO. he had military graveside rites at Princeton Cemetery.
5. Betty Jean born June 17 1928 died July 15 198_

Pauline Shafer married Alfred Elmer Axsom August 29 1939 in Bethany, MO. their children were:
1. Mary Jean born May 29 1940
2. Freeda Darlene born December 30 1941
3. Bernard Charles born June 17 1944
4. Roger Dale born March 30 1952 died Jan 12 1987

Mary Axsom married Alvin Warren Beck Nov 30 1960. No children. He died Nov 13 1973 at the home of his brother-in-law Bernard, rural Modena, Mo. buried in Mt Moriah Cemetery in Kansas City, MO. Mary married Fred Johnson May 25 197_. Later divorced. No children. Mary is a nurses aide.

Freeda Axsom married Jerry Haggard of Mercer Mo. June 6 1959 in Trenton, MO.
1. Darla Ann born June 19 1960
2. Mona Carol born June 25 1963
3. Jerry Lynn born Dec 23 1967

Darla Haggard married Marcus Winegarden of Redding, CA May 3 1980.
1. Trisha Raschel born March 18 1982
2. Stacia Nicole born September 4 1983
3. Jennice Marie born November 18 1992 at home
4. Morgan Elise born OCtober 18 1994 at home

Mona Haggard married Randy Boyer of Redding, CA Feb 21 1981. They had twin girls born August 4 1981.
1.Connie Rose Boyer
2. Kristen Ann Boyer
Mona & Randy divorced in 1986, she married David Somers August 13 1988.
3. Cody Ray Somers born May 1 1989

Jerry Lynn Haggard is not married, works at Rodway Chevrolet in Redding, CA.

Trisha Winegarden is married and has several children. (my grandmother Pauline passed away, & I don't keep up with my California cousins like I should!)
Stacia Winegarden is also married. Their information should be elsewhere on my blog, it's just not here where I can easily plug it in.

Bernard Axsom married Janet Mae Brown of Trenton, MO in Trenton June 2 1963. They postponed the small ceremony quite a while, waiting for his parents to arrive. He finally confessed he had gotten into an argument with his mother over pressing his pants or something, & they weren't coming. My mother has told me this story. I hope I am passing it on correctly! if not....blame me. same goes for typos!
1. Debra Lynn born Dec 8 1964 Wright Memorial Hospital, Trenton, MO
2. Lisa Ann born Nov 17 1966 Wright Memorial Hospital, Trenton, MO
3. Brenda Kay born March 28 1969, Wright Memorial Hospital, Trenton, MO
4. John Ross born Sept 9 1980, Wright Memorial Hospital, Trenton, MO

Debra (who used to go by Debbie & now is known as Deb) married her high school sweetheart Kevin Dailey Sept 28 1983 at the Mercer United Methodist Church, Mercer Mo. Their eyes met on a VICA school bus trip on Jan 7 1983 & the rest is history. Kevin has been a diesal mechanic, a Places Store Manager, a factory worker, worked in a feedmill, and now loads trucks at Hy-Vee.
Deb has worked in fast food, long term care facilities, and has spent the last 16 years in pig barns at Premium Standard Farms.
1. Koren Marie Dailey born October 8 1985 at Decatur County Hospital, Leon, IA
2. Karl Joseph "KJ" Dailey born March 9 1992 at Fairfax Community Hospital, Fairfax, Mo
3. Katie Scarlett Dailey born November 2 1998 at Wayne County Hospital, Corydon, IA

Koren married Cody Boyd Wills, her high school sweetheart, Sept 19 2009 in Mt Crested Butte, Colorado. She was the valedictorian & prom queen of her MHS Class of 2004. She graduated from Missouri Western State University in St Joe, MO in 2008 with a BA in Personnel Psychology. She is a pharmacy tech. Cody installs cable. They bought a house in Grain Valley MO & have 2 cats, Lola & Watson. Koren traveled to Paris & London with college classes. She & Cody have been to Florida, Las Vegas, Colorado, Minnesota...
her father found her name in a baby book. She was going to be Stacy Lynn until right before she was born. Marie is for her great grandmother Marie Dailey Hass.

KJ is a premed/biology freshman at Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO. He moved twice when young, but always attended school at North Mercer R-III. He is named after our insurance agent, "KJ" Lewis. Karl is for his great grandfather Howard Karl Dailey. His great grandma Marie tells us there was also a Joseph in her family.

Katie is in 6th grade at North Mercer R-III in Mercer, MO. she is our only child who has never moved. She has had some of the same teachers as her older brother & sister. Katie takes dance classes in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, musical theater, & clog at The Dance Studio in Princeton, MO. she has competed in Showstopper 2 years, will compete at her second Talent On Parade in April, her 3rd Worlds of Fun Festival of Dance in May, & her first City Stompers Clog in April. Last year she was selected to be a member of the Talent On Parade TOPSTARZ Junior Dance Team & spent a week in a hotel in Des Moines!
Kevin named our first two children. I got to name Katie. She is named after the heroine of my favorite book: Gone With The Wind.

Lisa Axsom graduated from Trenton Junior College in Trenton, MO( now known as North Central Missouri College) & Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville (now known as Truman University.) She married Thomas Heiber Butler June 4 1994 in Belle, Mo. She & Tom built a house on his family farm 'down south.' Their address is Vichy, MO.
Lisa has been a CPA, owned her own business, & now is a substitute teacher.
1. Maxwell Oran Butler born Aug 28 1998 Jefferson City MO
2. Logan Aaron Butler born Sept 1 2000 Jefferson City MO

Brenda Axsom graduated from American Institute of Business in Des Moines, IA. She is in a long term relationship with Jason Crabb and they have four children. They live in Chariton, IA.
1. Rachelle Kay Crabb born June 2 1996 at her grandmother Sharon's home in Derby, IA while the ambulance was on the way!
2. Sarah Ranea Crabb born Jan 12 1998 at Wayne County Hospital, Corydon, IA
3. David Seth Crabb
4. Jason Brett Maverick Crabb
(and this is embarrassing...right off the top of my head, can't come up with birthdates on my own nephews! their birthdates are somewhere on my blog....good grief!)

John Axsom attended North Central Missouri College in Trenton, MO. he worked at the Grundy County Jail in Trenton, MO for years, and now works at the Jail in Kirksville, MO.

Roger Axsom married Delores June Bruce Aug 28 1971. Later divorced. No children. He loved music and played the piano. Played clarinet in High School Band. He was a restaurant manager. Died of cancer Jan 12 1987 in O'Conner Hospital in San Jose, CA. Buried in Myrtle Section of Oakhill Cemetery in San Jose, CA.

Junior Shafer married Katheryn Darlean Teas of Des Moines, IA, the only daughter of George & Cora Teas. Junior had a heart attack. He also had diabetes. He died March 8 1972. He was a WWI veteran.
1. George Ross "Butch" Shafer
2. James Lee "Jimmy" Shafer
3. William "Bill" Shafer
4. Steven Craig Shafer
5. Karen Kay Shafer
6. Gary Wayne Shafer
7. Cindy Shafer

"Butch" Shafer married Judy ? and had George Ross and other children. "Butch" married and divorced a number of times.

"Jim" Shafer married Marcia? had two children, then divorced.

"Bill" married Susan ? a nurse, no children. She died.

Steven Craig Shafer married Peggy? Have Steven Jr. and Robert

Karen Shafer married Frank ? and had children.

Gary Shafer not married.

Cindy Shafer has 2 children.

Dean Shafer married Donanell Hampshire of Princeton, MO. she has told me they met at Princeton High School, where she worked in the office & he was enrolling his younger sister Betty. He offered her a stick of gum. They couldn't chew gum at work, so she saved it for later. and when she opened it, it was empty! he was quite the prankster. Dean is a WWII veteran.
1. Dona Lynn Shafer
Dean & Donanell divorced & he married JoAnn Sloan of Des Moines, IA.
2. Roy Dean Shafer
Dean & Jo were divorced and after Dona's second husband died, Dean & Dona remarried. Dean has diabetes.

Dona Lynn Shafer married Ronald Hesseltine.
1. Christine Hesseltine
2. son who died of cribdeath at around 1 1/2 years
3. Rick

Roy Dean Shafer had polio as a child. He married, then divorced. no children.

Betty Shafer married David Leroy Ashley of Des Moines, IA in Des Moines June 2 19__. She died of cancer July 15 1988. She also had diabetes.
1. Rodney David Ashley born April 2 1951
2. Sherryl Jean Ashley born July 13 1954
3. Lisa Luanne Ashley born Oct 6 1963
4. Lori Lynn Ashley born Dec 21 1964

Rodney Ashley married, then divorced. no children.

Sherryl Ashley married Jess Hicks Oct 26 1985

Lori Ashley married Jim Evans Sept 3 1988

Rosa Marie Dell Shafer born May 11 1896 died Aug 6 1927. Married Fred Willis of Cainsville. Had twin sons, not full term, not named. She divorced, then married Joe Milner. No children.

Pearl Ethel Shafer April 19 1898-Feb 197_
married Charles Arthur "Hush" Cochran of Cainsville, Mo. he died in the 1950's.
1. Lois Irene born Sept 16 1913
2. Charles Russell born June 19 1915

Lois Cochran married Lester Booth.
1. Linda
2. Randall

Russell never married, lives in Cainsville.

Oscar George Shafer born May 18 1901 and died in the 1970's. Married Edna Banks.
1. Eva Edith born Dec 1 1922 died 1987
2. Verlin Wayne born April 2 1925
3. Clayton Ray born Sept 16 1927
Oscar & Edna divorced. He married Leta Ana Hancock.
4. Delores Nadean
5. Delano Lorene
6. Oscar George
7. Julia Anna
8. Clifford Ora
Oscar divorced again and moved to DeWitt, Ark. where he died in the 1970's.

Eva Shafer married Harold Mathes.
1. Deanna
2. La Vern (son)
3. Gene
4. Keith
5. Victoria
6. Ronda

Wayne Shafer was raised by his aunt Inez & Uncle Bill Cantrell in Michigan. He married Ernastine Orbela and they had two sons.
1. Scott Michael
2. Kevin Wayne

Scott Shafer, born Jan 4 196_ married Elaine __________________
1. Melissa Fay

Kevin Wayne Shafer born July 12 1963

Wayne & wife later divorced.

Clayton Shafer was raised by his mother and step-father Roy Willis.

Nadean Shafer married a 3rd cousin, Gene "Jiggs" Oxford. divorced & married Dale Snelso.

Lorene Shafer was adopted and raised by a family in Bethany MO. her name was changed to ?

George Shafer married Roseanne ? and lived in San Jose CA until her death. no children.

Julia & Cliffored Shafer were placed in foster homes and none of the family ever found out where they were.

Freda Inez Shafer born Jan 22 1904 married Bill Cantrell Jan 31 1932. He died March 1 1940. She married Warren Erlewine who died in the 1970's while they lived in Florida. No children, but they raised her brother Oscar's oldeset son Wayne as their own. Inez now lives in Reeds Spring, MO (1989)

p.s. Rose Oxford Shafer (George's wife) had 4 sisters and 1 brother. brother Jake married and had William Roger "Punk" and Alma.

Alma married Gilbert Boyd and had 1 son Gifford.

"Punk" married Opal Bender. they had Vera, who married Max Kephard, Kathleen, who married Alfred Catley (or Katley?), William Mc Don ________ "Buster", Leonard who married Marguerite Griffin daughter of Maurice & Phoebe Griffin, Mary Ann who died at around the age of 9 or 10, Rancel, Basil, D________, Opal May, and Marjory Fay, Sue.

Ile, who married Clyde Taft, no children.

Mary Dell who never married

"Sissy" who married Isum Purdun. They had Lloyd, who married Mary ? She got blood poisoning from a burn on her head from getting a permanent wave and died not long after their marriage., Mary, Ona, & William who never married.


This information was written to the best of my knowledge March 1989.
signed, Pauline Axsom

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I am Clifford Schaeffer, now Bob Norman. My older sister being called Julia went bt the name of Patty. She married and became Patty Shank. She passed away a few years ago. I was adopted but Patty was not. We were moved to St. Louis to a Christian home no longer in existence.