Friday, March 25, 2011

William Cullen Bryant

son of Peter
married Jan 11 1821 Frances Fairchild, daughter of Zachariah, of Great Barrington, born March 27 1797. William Cullen Bryant, the celebrated poet, is one of the editors and proprietors of "The New York Evening Post". He was also a lawyer. The first general collection of his poems, according to "Cyclopedia of American Literature" was published in 1832, at New York. Since then, many editions have appeared. Son-in-law Parke Godwin is a well known writer who is associated with William as editor of the "Post".
1. Frances Bryant born Great Barrington Jan 2 1822 married Parke Godwin
he was born Feb 25 1816 Paterson,NJ
i. Minnie
ii. William Bryant
iii. Annie
iv. Nora
v. Frances
vi. Alfred
vii. Harold
2. Julia Bryant born Cummington, June 29 1831

from The Trials of Mrs. Lincoln-the harrowing, never-before-told story of Mary Todd Lincoln's last and finest years by Samuel A. Scheiner...unlike the doctors in Chicago who made fun of her for being in touch with people who could not be seen, Mr Lincoln took a serious interest in the seances shes attended after Willie's death and sat in on them with her when they were in the White House. He was aware that other men of intellect in America like ....William Cullen Bryant....made earnest attempts to get in touch with the spiritual world.

I am fascinated by Abraham Lincoln and have read many books about him...and since he and William Cullen Bryant lived in the same time period, I will find mention of him in some Lincoln books. But not only did they live in the same time period, they actually met! William introduced Lincoln at a speech he did in New York!

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