Friday, August 5, 2011

email from Junior King

rec'd Aug 3 2011

subject: A nut from the tree:

Let me explain:
My name is Clifford Junior King, formally of Leon, IA. My Mother was Nolta Edith Boyd King, Daughter of Susan (Suzy) Elliot and Santford Clark Boyd.
My sister called me today, because my 70th birthday is tomorrow the 4th.
We were talking about our niece's and wondering about them. One lives in NW Montana and the other in northern AR. They were Frisbies. My Mother was married once to a Frisbie. Sons Garald and Dewey. The only person I can think of that might know how to contact the one in AR is Virginia Flanigan, don't know her married name, daughter of Ruth and Orvale Dale of Lamonia, IA. I Googled their names and city I saw this web address:
Just wondering who you were?

Sincerely Junior King
1409 Springside Dr
Garland TX

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