Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

today we remember our veterans for what they have done for our country...I would like to list all the veterans in my's the ones that immediately come to mind.
Jonathan M Bryant Civil War Union
James Maxwell Civil War Confederate
WT Foster Civil War
Dean Shafer WWII
Junior Shafer WWII
Ross Shafer WWI
Joe Hass WWII
Bobby Shalz Operation Desert Storm through now
Kerry Shalz service
Janet Dailey service
Kevin Heaton Navy
Shawn Crawford Navy
Marvin Axsom career service
Jesse Doze retired Marine injured in service
David Doze
there were many Bryants in the Revolutionary War
John Maxwell WWII
Ralph Shafer died WWII
my grandpa Alfred Axsom & grandpa Vermal Brown both were called up for WWII & went to camp, but the war ended before they were deployed.
my great grandpa & grandma Johnnie & Daisy Axsom went to California and worked in a munition plant during WWII
will have to an official list.

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