Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bryant comments

Bryantsville, KY was named for James Guerrant Bryant, John and Mary Owsley Bryant's son: "JAMES GUERRANT BRYANT: The town of Bryantsville, Kentucky, founded 9 Feb. 1836 was named for James G. Bryant. Here is the text of the legislation which established the town: Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, that the town now laid off and created in the county of Garrard, near the Burnt tavern, on the land of James Bryant, shall be and the same is hereby established and known by the name of "Bryantsville," and that James G. Bryant, William Daniel and Samuel M. Graham, be, and they are hereby appointed trustees of said town." (fron: The Central Record, 22 Oct. 1992, Garrard Co. Ky.) James and other Bryants are buried on a knoll at the north end of town, under a cluster of trees." Jean
By jalex4954 on John Bryant on 3/27/11
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Stephen Ora Bryant was my grandfather. He was never married to anyone named Madge. He was married only once, to Blanche Snyder, on May 2, 1900. Blanche Snyder Bryant is buried next to him in Miriam Cemetery, Bethany, MO.
By jalex4954 on Stephen Ora Bryant on 3/26/11

Regarding the two children you asked question about at the end of your post: Alexander H. Bryant was the son of Stephen C. Bryant and Jane Hancock Bryant, also buried in Miriam Cemetery, same location. Mary L. Bryant was the daughter of Joseph Francis Bryant and Rhoda Jane Manus Bryant, also buried in same location.
By jalex4954 on James G. Bryant on 3/20/11

Stephen Ora Bryant buried in Miriam Cemetery, Bethany, Harrison County, Missouri was my grandfather. He was not married to anyone named Madge. He was married only one time, and this marriage was to Blanche Snyder on May 2, 1900. She was the daughter of Charles and Letitia Snyder.
By jalex4954 on Stephen Ora Bryant on 3/18/11
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Joseph F. Bryant's middle name was Francis, not Fawcett. (See William's History of NW MO, etc.) He was my great grandfather. Thank you.

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