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Axsom Newsletter October-December 2004

Issue No. 48 A Publication of The Axsom Association of America.

10th Anniversary Year for the Axsom Association of America!
Over the 4th of July weekend in 1995 a group of 40 Axsom descendants gathered at a hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado for the first ever national reunion of Axsom descendants. During the Family Sharing Session, members from various of the Axsom families represented there spoke to the attendees about their parents, grandparents, siblings, children, and of themselves. It was the first chance to get to hear the stories personally.
The speakers at those First Family Sharing sessions in Colorado Springs included: Kathleen Meta McCarthy Caruso, Lorena Jernigan, Daniel James Axsom, Larry Earl Axsom, Paul Edward Axsom, Leston David (Sam) Axsom, Lola Norman, Edwin Dale Sowders, Barbara Joyce Axsom Waldvogel, Leona Kay Axsom Clark, Ruth Louise Axsom Hillenburg, William Neil Axsom, Norma Axsom Zanetti, Alton Clay Axsom, Marguerite Axsom Jenkins, Ralph Edward Axsom, and Robert Joseph Axsom. The Family Sharing sessions have been continued at all subsequent National Reunions.
At the first business meeting, the Axsom Association of America was voted into existence, the Charter and By-Laws were adopted and officers were elected. Since then, the Axsom Newsletter has been published some 40 times and the Axsom database has grown to contain almost 12,000 entries!
This year the National Reunion will be held at Bar Harbor, Maine. Don't delay in making your plans to be there with all the gang to enjoy our Axsom heritage.

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