Sunday, January 1, 2012

October 12 2004

letter from Barbara Brandt to Mary Johnson:

My great grandmother was Rose Craig daughter of Roderick & Melvina Craig. She was born April 8 1870. I am trying to find out who fathered her 3 children: Effie May, Ethel, and Ray. Effie May was my grandmother. I know that she had 3 children before she married Lyman Bears. I did not know that she was also married to a Shafer. I am trying to find out who Roderick Craig's father is. There was a Roderick Craig who came from England and died in Henry County, Indiana in 1844. He had three sons: John, Andrew, & William.
I am 47 years old with one daughter Deanna, who's 2o, my husband is Doug. I work fulltime in a veterinary hospital as office manager. I love animals and have 4 dogs and 8 cats. we live in the country on 11 acres. My mother, Gertrude, lives alone in an independent, senior complex. My father passed away 5 1/2 years ago.

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