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1st Generation of Cresswell family have

handwritten document
aunt minerva collection
from the folder Creswell family records

The Family Tree of James Creswell and wife Alice
births of 2nd generation

1. Henry Creswell son of James & Alice Creswell was born Wed. July 11 1781. He was born in Ireland,came to America when a small boy hid on a ship.

Marriage of Henry Creswell
Henry Creswell and Susy (Susanah) Whitt was married Tuesday April 19 1804(19)/ Henry's wife Susy Whitt-born Fri. Jan 19 1781..

3rd generation
Children born to Henry Creswell & wife Susy Whitt Creswell
1. Alice Creswell born Tues. Nov. 19 1800
2. Betsy (Elizabeth) Creswell born Saturday July 23 1808
3. John Yancy Creswell-called Yancy Creswell our Grandfather and 2 sisters

marriage of Henry Creswell and wife Susy Whitt Creswell's children
1. Alice Creswell married Whitten Maxwell Sun. March 4 1827
2. Betsy Creswell married William Peery July 23 182_, can't make rest out. No record of their family.
3. John Yancy Creswell married Cyntha Whitt Sunday morning Oct. 15 1837
Cyntha Whitt wasn't related to Susey Whitt.
(Alice & John Yancy have Xs by their names, it says double cousins by John Yancy's X.)

4th generation
children of Alice Creswell Maxwell & Whitten Maxwell are:
1. Susy C. Maxwell born Monday May 12 1828
2. James C Maxwell b. Monday Dec 17 1829
3. Mary Jane MAxwell b. Wed. Dec 26 1832
4. Henry Maxwell b. Tues. June 4 1835
5. Frank MAxwell
these are brothers-sisters and Uncle Jim Maxwell, Henry, Ton & Emma's father.

children of John Yancy Creswell & wife Cynthia Whitt Creswell's births are:
1. Minerva Creswell, b. Tues. July 31 1838
2. Cosba Creswell b. Tues Dec 24 1839
3. Harriet Creswell b. Wed Oct 6 1841 Aunt Harriet died in Virgina Tues Dec 18 1842 with diptheria
4. Ballard Preston Creswell b. Tues July 25 1843. called Preston-Uncle Preston was missing in the Civil War in the March to Georga, he was drafted when sick and taken in teh March to Georga the last they knew of him he had give out and was sitting on a log in Texas.
5. Lenzey (Louesy) Creswell, b. Oct 21 1845. Aunt Louesy died when they lived in Iowa, she was buried in cemetery 5 or 6 miles north west of Patterson, Iowa, Madison Co. died of typhoid fever.
6. Suffrona Creswell. b. Wed Dec 29 1849 (storm came-going to cellar-door blew against her and hurt her. she died soon after.)
7. Erastis Worth Creswell b. Monday Nov 26 1849.
8. Emily Creswell b. Dec 31 1852.
9. Patric Henry Creswell b. Mon April 2 1855. called Henry Creswell.
10. Griffie Scages Creswell b. Sat. May 23 1857.

Minerva, Cosba, Harriet, & Ballard Preston were born while the family was living in Virgina.
the rest of the children were born in Virgina.
(scratched out at end of listing of children: these children were born in Missouri.)

to be continued....

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