Saturday, February 25, 2012

5th generation

aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
from the folder Creswell family records

Birth of Minerva Creswell Maxwell and James C Maxwell Children
1. John Henry Maxwell called Uncle Henry Maxwell
2. Adda Maxwell
3. Thomas Whitten Maxwell
4. Mary Emily Maxwell called Emma Maxwell
5. twin boy died at birth
6. twin girl died at birth

Marriages of Minerva Creswell Maxwell & James Maxwell children
1. John Henry Maxwell married Jocie Quiqley (1 boy Franklin Maxwell)
2. Thomas WHitten Maxwell married Gilly Higdon
3. Emma (Mary Emily Maxwell) married Barton Utterback.

Note: Frank Maxwell: Jim Maxwell says Frank married an Indian woman in Okla. Left his wife about the time Aunt Jose died. Said he was picking cotton and dragging cotton sack and he said he wasn't going to do that any more and ran off and left her.
second marriage Opal Lee (Gilman City-work)
Stella Quigley daughter-seemed to have some equipment left at by Frank Maxwell. she lives at St Joe MO.
Ask about Brian Quigley-nephew of Aunt Josephine. Story was Frank was working in KC Mo mets this Indian gal. They were working at a hotel. He was a bell hop.
Died on a drinking spree near Gilman.
Leland said Grandpa MAxwell was in Civil War-was a prisoner of war and lingered after the war. He had a leather shop in Virgina. When he returned his shop was torn apart. He took what Confederate money he had and came west.

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