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aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
from the folder Creswell family records

Magga Eva Creswell married Fred Shipp no children.

Ida Pacience Creswell married a man by the name of Sipes.

Born to Iad Patience Creswell Sipes and husband a daughter Mildren Sipes. Mildred Sipes married a man by the name of Mares. Mildred S. Mares and Mr. Mares was born a girl by the names of Alvenia Mares.

Children of Patric Henry Creswell and Adda Syres are a son died very young-Mildred Lucelle Creswell born Cot. 1883.

Mildred Lucele Creswell married Fulkerson

Adda (can't read) Ceswell married George Campbell
3.F (can't read....Frank?)

family of Griffie Scages Creswell and Anna Severns Creswell are

1. Henry Nuton Creswell b. Sept. 16 1888
2. Ocie Ethel Creswell b. Tues. March 6 1892

marriages of Griffie Scages Creswell and Anna Severns Creswell's children.

1. Henry Newton Creswell married Edna Oaldfield.
2. Alice Ethel Creswell married Guy Cassity.

Births of Henry N. Creswell & Edna Oaldfield Creswell's children.
1. Heneryetta Creswell married Buck Carter

Born to Ruth H. Creswell Carter & husband
1. Henry Carter
2.Connie Ruth

Children of Ocie Ethel Creswell Cassity and Guy Cassity are:
1. Vern Cassity b. Mon. April 3 1911
2. Ethel Cassity b. Mon Feb 9 1914

Vern Cassity married Leona Emmons

Ethel Cassity married Burl Smith Dec 1932.

Born to Vern Cassity & Wife Leona Cassity.
1. Gary Cassity b. Friday Nov 10 1933

Gary Cassity married 1954 Pat Broadus
born to Gary & Pat
1. Pam b. Feb 19 1955
2. Terry Lynn b. Feb 28 1956

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