Wednesday, February 8, 2012

from Emma Brown:

aunt minerva notebook...typewritten...

Solomon T. Cole had a sister, Rachel Young who lived in W. Lafayette, Indiana in 1905. Cena Walden Brown had a valentine card from her that year and remembered that she (Rachel) visited here in Melbourne.
Cena thought her grandfather had only this one full sister and that the others were half. She has her grandfathers Bible where marriages, births, and deaths are recorded in his fancy old-time script. Her grandfather was Solomon T. Cole who married Emmaline Brown.
My Aunt Edna (Mother's sister) who married Thomas Albert VanDyke said that Grandmother Brown and Aunt Evvie were 1/2 sisters. Dad always said his mother was sweet-tempered. Her sister Rhoda Eveline was not--but that happens to full sisters. I remember visiting Aunt Evvie and she was a good cook and extremely clean. She lived with us one winter after she was old and Uncle Will was dead. Everyone lived with us when they needed to.
I remember an Aunt Nancy Cole who used to visit us. She had an ear trumpet. Her husband was William. He is buried at Pilot Groves Cemetery. She is too. He may be the #4 William. THey had a daughter Nelie Cole Fitch. aunt Nancy lived with her.
written in 1974-Emma Brown
My aunt's address is Mrs Edna Van Dyke, Box 134, Ovid Colorado 80744.

Vergil Van Dyke 1834 Juniper Grand Junctio colorado. in 1991 Vergil did not know anything about the Cole bible.
The Brown Bible was once in the possession of Great Uncle, Jacob Brown's daughter. She once lived in Maine. This Bible states that our Brown family came with William Penn. They are recorded in Quaker histories.

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